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Compassion for Teen Life provides services that meet the unique needs of each school, assuring that each School-Based Health Service is cost-effective and provides appropriate health-care professionals that include the following specialists:


  • Primary Care Physicians (PCP)

  • OB/GYN

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Registered Nurse

  • Mental Health Therapist/Clinical Nurse Assistants

  • Behavioral Health Counselor/Specialist

  • Medical Case Managers

  • Psychiatrist

  • Dentist

  • Dental Assistant/Dental Hygienist

  • Social Worker/Eligibility Worker


Our program also takes student services to a higher level by collaborating with organizations that provide such additional assistance, as career counseling, bully intervention/prevention, peer accountability teams, and activities that access local, national, and cultural experiences for students.

There are many other unique and specialized components to our school-based health clinic, such as a rotation formula that allows us to implement behavioral health screenings, primary health screenings/prevention, early detection, and intervention to multiple school sites, simultaneously.


Our comprehensive care program will serve as a community catalyst, bringing together a variety of medical and support services which are focused on quality service delivery.  We will educate and empower students with information on how to access quality health-care as well as good health via our school-based health clinics. Quality Service Delivery are listed below:


· Community Outreach and Needs Assessment

· Quality Studies and Timely Reporting

· Continuous Quality Assurance

· Credentialing Administration

· Centralized Scheduling

· Monitoring of Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes

· Utilization Review Guidelines

· Provider Relations and Education

· Client Services Unit

· Innovative Medical Equipment and Supplies



Our medical team utilizes a comprehensive intake process specifically geared at identifying all issues that the student may currently be facing. The combined efforts of primary care, mental health, and substance abuse practitioners will expose students to a holistic therapy that promotes health maintenance long term.


Included are the following:


  • Routine check-ups and illness related visits

  • Dental visits for routine check-ups/cleanings, and preventative care

  • Eye exams, glasses screenings, eye drops, and scratch proof lenses

  • Hearing tests, hearing aids, and adjustments

  • Immunizations according to established schedule

  • Psychiatrist visits; mental health therapy/counseling

  • Substance abuse treatment

  • Speech, hearing, and language therapy

  • Nutritional services/counseling

  • Some behavioral therapy (especially for children with developmental disorders)

  • Non-medical services, including personal care/personal development



· An array of early detection and preventative screenings to promote healthy




According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), there are three primary concerns of school-based medical clinics.


  • Adolescent drug use

  • Teen suicide

  • The transmission of STIs, specifically HIV/AIDS


 “Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis Treatment” (EPSDT) services will identify deeper underlying issues in a minor’s health, as well as potential medical, mental, or drug issues that may be affecting the participant’s development.


CFTL offers an incentive based screening process in these areas, rewarding students who screen clean with gift cards, movie and concert tickets and points towards earning scholarships to college.  Through this incentive we encourage students to monitor their health and give them reason to stay healthy.

Compassion for Teen Life is committed to developing partnerships with schools and their communities to improve the quality of life, health, and wellness in a holistic fashion.


We promote prevention and intervention to create a student body of healthier students and in turn find this process results in greater attendance, stronger retention, improved learning and optimum well being. By providing school based healthcare clinics for K-12 public and private schools throughout the state of California, students and their families receive greater access to services that promote quality healthcare prevention, assessment and treatment at no cost to the schools or families of the students.


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